How It Works


CarCapsule™ Setup

  • Step 1

    Unroll your CarCapsule & spread out flat. Unzip the top clear PVC from the basemat & fold back toward the blue air intake panel.

  • Step 2

    Pull the vehicle on to the basemat leaving equal distance on either side. Fold the top clear PVC over the vehicle. Velcro the fan panel to the blue air intake panel & run your power supply cord through the basemat in the hole provided.

  • Step 3

    Zip the top clear PVC to the basemat. Plug the fan into a wall outlet and the Bubble will inflate in 7-10 minutes. Once it is fully inflated, place the filter on the blue air intake panel.


  • The first time out of the box, inflate the capsule without the vehicle in it to work the wrinkles out.
  • If the temperature is below 50 degrees, open the CarCapsule box and let sit at room temperature for 24 hours.
  • If you’re using the CarCapsule in extremely cold climates, inflate it in a warm area to help the PVC become pliable.
  • Keep the air filter clean by hand washing it in warm water with mild dish soap.
  • If your CarCapsule gets dusty you can use a car duster.

  • If you CarCapsule become dirty or stained, use warm water and mild dish soap to clean.  Rinse thoroughly.
  • When not in use, store the CarCapsule up off the floor in a dry, rodent free place.
  • Leave your windows all the way or half-way down.
  • Leave your convertible top up or unlatched to preserve the weather stripping.
  • DO NOT use another car cover inside the CarCapsule.  This will only trap moisture.
  • DO NOT place any source of heat inside the capsule, not even a light bulb

Indoor CarCapsule™ Setup

Indoor CarCapsule™ Setup



  1. The fan panel air intake should be located near an electrical source and away from outside doors and heat sources.
  2. The surface should be as flat as possible.
  3. The basemat should be located with all sides accessible to work the zipper.


It’s easy to order the correct size. Simply measure your car from bumper to bumper and from outside of tire to outside of opposite tire. Add 6” to your overall length and this is the correct size you will need to order.


Example: 1965 Ford Mustang is 181.6” Long + 6” = 187.6” or 15.63’ Order a CC16


Example: 2008 Chevrolet Camaro LS is 190.4” Long + 6” = 196.4” or 16.36’ Order a CC18

Online orders are available during the national lockdown. Delivery will take place once the lockdown ends.